Logstash monitoring index is yellow in cluster

I'm using Elastic stack 6.5.2.

I have currently two identical production indexes:

  • 1x ES, 1x KB, 1LS (all Win based - single server)
  • 2x ES, 1x KB 0LS (CentOS based - 2x server)
    This is because we are slowly moving to a Linux cluster. Now I've made a special server to just run LS.
    After setting the xPack url in LS to my Linux based ES it crated a Logstash* index.
    But this one is only based on one node and the state in Kibana is yellow.

If I print GET .monitoring-logstash-6-2018.12.11/_settings I get:

  ".monitoring-logstash-6-2018.12.11" : {
    "settings" : {
      "index" : {
        "codec" : "best_compression",
        "number_of_shards" : "1",
        "auto_expand_replicas" : "0-1",
        "provided_name" : ".monitoring-logstash-6-2018.12.11",
        "format" : "6",
        "creation_date" : "1544519609697",
        "number_of_replicas" : "1",
        "uuid" : "w2AnP5NYRLeP31eDHHBlOg",
        "version" : {
          "created" : "6050299"

Can anyone advise me further? I don't understand why is this happening, because I'm just using it out of the box.
All 24 FB are green.

Now I see in Indices listing that .monitoring-logstash-6-2018.12.11 has an Unassigned shard.

If this helps any further.

Solved it with:

GET /_cluster/allocation/explain

It said I'm more then 85% full on disk.

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