Logstash on windows doesnt feed into ES

I have got my_config.yml file which works on Unix.
I have copied it into windows machine and changed the paths ( (input->file->path/sincedb_path) accordingly.

In the logs I can see logstash starts up correctly, using the information from the config file (elastic search host is correct etc(). But no information is being read from the input file.
Logstash also creates the sincedb file defined in the sincedb_path, but the file is empty...even after I manually update the input file with some dummy data (I only got two variables in that file, just to be sure there are no parsing errors etc), nothing is being feeded into the ES.

I have also enabled debug mode, but no errors are thrown.

Any ideas what's wrong?

Yeah, the issue is caused by using: c:\directory . instead of c:/directory..... wow

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