Logstash-oss yum packages missing?

Hello, I've been installing the logstash-oss package for some time now from the elastic.co yum repo, but today, it seems that the "-oss" packages are no longer included in the repo. Is this maybe a known change that I missed? Or perhaps a bug that those full OSS packages are not being published correctly? Thanks in advance for any information that you can provide.

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As of 7.12 there is no longer any OSS builds. Please see Doubling down on open, Part II | Elastic Blog and the related posts that go into more detail.

I was wrong there, Logstash and Beats still have OSS builds.

Thanks Mark! So - given that there's still OSS builds for Logstash and Beats - is the removal of the logstash-oss packages from the yum repository a bug, then?

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