Logstash Pipeline Monitoring Shows incorrect versions (6.0.0-beta1)

I have elastic stack 6.0.0 beta 1 installed and trying to push some logs from file input to Elasticsearch through Logstash using the new centralized config management functionality. Everything seem to work, but, the version ID I see in the monitoring is not the same version I type when modifying the pipeline. For example, my pipeline version is now v1.1.2, and the version I see in monitoring is 67699b.
Is this a bug?

Hi @arthur,

First off, thanks for trying out 6.0.0-beta1 and reporting this issue!

Unfortunately, at the moment there is no tie in between the version in the Centralized Config Management UI (v1.1.2 in your case) and the version seen in the Monitoring Pipelines UI (67699b in your case). This is clearly confusing and we've internally been discussing about how to resolve this confusion in the product itself.

For now, I can explain what each of these versions mean, to hopefully remove the confusion:

  • The version in the Centralized Config Management UI is purely descriptive. Users can set it to keep track of their pipeline version in a user-friendly way. This version is not validated or otherwise used internally by Logstash or the Monitoring Pipelines UI in any way today. That might change in the future, but for now the version is purely for descriptive purposes.

  • The version shown in the Monitoring Pipelines UI is actually a hash of the contents (configuration) of the pipeline. This hash is automatically computed by Logstash whenever a pipeline's contents change. This way Logstash can automatically track changes to a pipeline's configuration over time and show the different versions in the UI.

Hope that helps. Again, thank you for trying out these UIs and providing feedback. We are looking into this confusing issue and hope to fix it soon.



@shaunak Thanks for the in depth explanation!
Looking forward to seeing how the central configuration feature develops.

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