Logstash-plugin-install hangs forever

Well at least 12 hours...

I know there are other topics very similar to this, but since they're closed I suppose I need to open a new one. From Logstash install plugin extremely slow? I learned that logstash-plugin-install can take a long time due to a lack of entropy.

My question is, why do we need entropy at all? I don't see this issue with other package managers like yum, apt-get, or pip. Maybe I'm missing something fundamental? I don't understand why fetching files requires randomness.

Man, I got wildly off course and spent way too much time with this one. Turned out to be a networking issue; some of my boxes are unable to reach https://rubygems.org. All is not lost though; I learned a bit about /dev/random and Ruby. Mabye logstash-plugin install can have a connection timeout?

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