Logstash RSS Input Plugin SSL Support


Does the Logstash RSS Input plugin have the ability to use a specific CA certificate to validate an SSL enabled website? There are no "ca_cert" settings in the docs that I can find.

The specific error I'm getting is:

[date][INFO][logstash.inputs.rss] Polling RSS {:url=>"https://somesite.com/rss/bla.rss"}
[date][ERROR][logstash.javapipeline] A plugin had an unrecoverable error.  Will restart this plugin.
   Plugin: <_lots of stuff that doesn't appear to be of much use in troubleshooting this issue_>
   Error: certificate verify failed
   Exception: Faraday::SSLError
.... <_java stack dump_>....

The github case below implies that there are CA certs imbedded in Logstash (or the plugin itself) but we're using our own CA.

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Not that I know of. The plugin uses Faraday, and I think that uses jruby-openssl, and that uses Bouncy Castle.

You need to get your CA cert into the Trusted Root Certificate Authorities store. I cannot tell you how to do that.

Thanks Badger,

Unfortunately adding my CA cert to the Trusted Root Certificate Authorities store is not an option as I'm on an isolated network.


I was able to find a solution. Jruby will use the following environment variable:



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