Logstash windows version 6.3.2 wont start

I am new to elastic. Just downloaded the version of logstash 6.3.2, and want to try it with other components (beat, elasticsearch, kibana). So far, beat, elasticsearch and kibanna are working. However, when i followed the steps described in https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/logstash/current/configuration.html, logstash wont start.

I have logstash window version 6.3.2 at my local machine, created logstash-simple.conf (following the link given above), and ran logstash.bat -f logstash-simple.conf. Then got the following message:

warning: ignoring JAVA_OPTS= ; pass JVM parameters via LS_JAVA_OPTS

and logstash was not starting.


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Then got the following message:

warning: ignoring JAVA_OPTS= ; pass JVM parameters via LS_JAVA_OPTS

Is that really all you get?

Yes, this is what i got only. In fact, doesnt look like the config file is read. If I typed in any junk as config file name (for example: logstash.bat -f aaa), it responded me with the same message (warning: ignoring JAVA_OPTS= ; pass JVM parameters via LS_JAVA_OPTS). In addition, if I started a new command line screen, and ran only logstash.bat without -f, it gave a different message (findstr...). But if i ran logstash.bat without -f again after running logstash.bat -f aaa, the message is "warning: ignoring JAVA_OPTS= ; pass JVM parameters via LS_JAVA_OPTS"

I am attaching a screen shot here. Please note what I did is (1) started a brand new command line screen; (2) ran logstash.bat without -f, (3) ran logstash.bat -f aaa; (4) ran again logstash.bat.


I have similar error, when trying to start Logstash 6.3.2
System: Windows Server 2012 R2

Elastic and Kibana starts immediately with no error. Java is ok:

In fact, shifted to linux and docker side. The good things are that every piece of elastic stack including beat (metricbeat, filebeat), elasticsearch, logstash and kibana are working on both on rhel and docker.

so just forgot about what is not working on windows (at least for me)

Yes, if you set JAVA_OPTS all you get is a warning that JAVA_OPTS is set. It does not start logstash. I guess that the thought was that if the user has set JAVA_OPTS then they want to configure a JVM, but not necessarily the logstash JVM. So rather than start a possibly misconfigured JVM, tell them to unset JAVA_OPTS, set LS_JAVA_OPTS, and run it again.

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