Logtrail : Kibana plugin to view, search and tail logs


Good day!

Kibana plugin to view, search and tail logs in developer/sysadmin friendly interface ( inspired by Papertrailapp).

Plugin Repo : [https://github.com/sivasamyk/logtrail] (https://github.com/sivasamyk/logtrail).

Currently it is supported for Kibana 4.x version. Following are features:

  • View, analyze and search log events from a centralized, developer and sysadmin friendly interface
  • Live tail
  • Filter aggregated logs by hosts and program
  • Quickly seek to logs based on time

Checkout the plugin and let me know your feedback.

You can install the plugin by executing following command

./bin/kibana plugin -i logtrail -u https://github.com/sivasamyk/logtrail/releases/download/v4.x-0.1.0/logtrail-4.x-0.1.0.tar.gz


Nice I will have to check this out.

I wrote something simular for the CLI https://github.com/ElasticSearchCLITools/esTail


Getting this error when installing for kibana 5.1.2. Can you tell me what file I need to change

Kibana 5.1.2 was released a few days back . Current version of logtrail does not support it. Please use Kibana 5.1.1 for now. I will release a new version of logtrail supporting Kibana 5.1.2 soon.

Do you have an ETA? A week? Is there something I can change?
PLEASE. I have already upgraded to 5.1.2 yesterday.

Can you tell me how to install 5.1.1? I installed by updating sources.list and apt-get install kibana which pulled the latest version.

​You can unzip the tar.gz and update "kibana.version": "5.1.1" ​in
package.json to "kibana.version": "5.1.2".

Please note I have not tested logtrail against 5.1.2.

Looks like package.json is updated now. Thanks :smile:

@sivasamyk Can you tell me how to set timezone? In .JSON file I set Asia/Kolkata but still in the logtrail UI I see UTC time against my log!

Please help. Using 5.1.1

@sivasamyk On kibana UI, I see my local time, IST against the logs.

I am using this conf

"es": {
"default_index": "logstash-",
"allow_url_parameter": true,
"timezone": "Asia/Kolkata"
"tail_interval_in_seconds": 10,
"max_buckets": 500,
"nested_objects" : false,
"default_time_range_in_days" : 2,
"fields" : {
"mapping" : {
"timestamp" : "@timestamp",
"display_timestamp" : "@timestamp",
"hostname" : "localhost",
"program": "
"message": "message"

I think I need to change display timestamp somehow or the timezone. Please help