Look at more than one sampled trace

In the Kibana interface, is there a way to browse all traces for a given bucket?

The only way to select individual traces, that I've found, is to filter by "transaction.id" and then select a specific ID from the autocomplete.

Here the documentation says something about:

View all transactions for an endpoint, instead of just a sample - processor.event: "transaction" AND transaction.name: "<TRANSACTION_NAME_HERE>"

But that doesn't provide more than the sampled trace...

Hey @Evgeni_Dzhelyov, welcome to the forum!

Not at the moment, but there's an issue to add support for paging through them: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/44078. I don't know when it'll be implemented, so I suggest subscribing if you'd like to keep up to date on that.

Note that this documentation refers to searching in the Discover tab in Kibana, not in the APM Kibana App.

Once you have found the transaction you are interested in in Discover, you can jump back to the APM App by clicking the link in the event details.

I don't think it's obvious that it's referring to the use in Discover. The topic is under the APM documentation and the screenshot provided there is from actual AMP screen filtering. The rest of the queries on that page can be performed on the APM screen and will work. So it's maybe this last query that needs to be run in Discover?

I found a transaction in Discover, but I'm unable to see a link that will open this specific transaction in APM. There is only "View surrounding documents" and "View single document". Can you paste a screenshot where to find the link you are talking to and if you need to configure Kibana somehow?

I agree that the docs need to be improved in that regard. I have created https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/48780 to track the docs changes

Hm, I can't find it as well. We might have remove that recently. I'm investigating :male_detective:

What you can do is to copy the trace.id from the Discover view and filter by that in the APM App. I see that this is definitely not ideal.

Hi @Evgeni_Dzhelyov,

I'm curious about your use case for viewing more traces for a specific bucket.

We currently only surface a single sampled trace for each bucket but you might be able to work around this by "zooming in" on the bucket of interest.

Example: You are interested in samples from the bucket 300-350ms:

By using the query bar you can narrow samples to traces of just that duration:

This way you'll see more fine-grained buckets for the selected duration:

Hi @sqren,

I don't have a very specific use case at the moment. I've installed APM on our staging servers and just want to browse around more time-consuming traces and see how they look.
What you suggest is a nice way of doing it. Thanks.

It would be nice to have the link from Discover to the trace directly as I can easily search for a specific one in Discover and then open it in the APM view to inspect the traces.

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