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(Mickael Hoareau) #1

Hi here,

in Kibana > APM > transaction detail, we can see the full detail about a "random" transaction (section "Transaction sample" below the histogram).
Is it possible to have this view for a specific transaction?

Example I have a request with "559ac6f4-XXXX-XXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXX", and I want to see the detail timeline, request/response header for this request.

It would be nice to be able search by on APM home page.

(Rasmus Makwarth) #2

Hi Mickael,
thanks for reaching out. Yes, we agree! We're currently adding the query bar, from Discover, to the APM UI, which will help you do exactly that (if there's a sample of that transaction). #19469


(system) #3

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