Looking beta testers and ideas for our new iOS App ElasticOcean

Hello everyone,

I’m quite new to this group and ElasticSearch overall, but became really
passionate about this advanced open source search and analytics engine
lately. I think that a lot of interesting stuff can be achieved using this
product and it offers many opportunities that were previously unavailable…

Thanks to many developers worldwide it is now possible to extend
ElasticSearch functionality using different plugins like Kopf, Knapsack and
etc...not to mention ElasticSearch original products like Marvel, Kibana,
Shield (really waiting for it guys :wink: This things make life easier for us -
allow us to build products more efficiently, faster and analyze our own
mistakes in a matter of seconds.

As I mentioned before, we started to use ElasticSearch in our projects
lately and noticed the absence of some things necessary for us. One of them
was ability to monitor ES instance On-a-Go. For sure we used Marvel/Kopf,
but accessing them on mobile phone is not the best/easiest solution as I
The other thing is that for now we find an awesome way to get your
ElasticSearch running is to use DigitalOcean cloud hosting. There are a lot
of tools to monitor DigitalOcean server via mobile phone, but still some
stuff is missing for us..

To close this shortcomings and to make our life a little easier, we decided
to developed an easy App for iOS - ElasticOcean. It combines the monitoring
tool for ElasticSearch instance and DigitalOcean server. The App was build
for personal use and for today it is in beta version. But we plan to extend
it functionality, change its design and make it available for everybody…

So the reasonable question is - why are we telling you all of this stuff
and what do we want?!)) The answer is simple - we need your help!)

We are looking for people interested in using the App like this and ready
to help us with ideas or want to become beta tester… So if you are the one

  • want give us some feedback about your wishes or ideas in functionality,
    test it and let us know about the bugs you will notice or just want to say
    hello, please feel free to contact me directly or leave a ticket to support

Wish you all the best and hope to heir some of you!

Beta-version is available in App Store:

Andrey Popov - popov.andrey@me.com
Support - support@bpautomations.com

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