Looking for confirmation: we cannot use the watcher to 'just' generate reports

My use case is to schedule reporting but NOT to e-mail them as attachment.

On this page, there is an option to call the API using a script, of course we can do this, but than we have to find a scheduling solution outside Elastic.

In the list of actions, there is no 'create report' action.

The confirmation I am looking for is:
The only way to achieve this, is by using an external scheduling solution and make the api calls from there.

Hey Michel,

It is not possible to add it to the email contents from creating a CSV report. The documentation says Reporting is integrated with Watcher only as an email attachment type..
What you might want to do is something that is described here: How to parse Watcher/Aggs in JSON format into a table automatically?

I hope that helps,


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