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Hello All,

I am new to the elk stack and I was working with splunk earlier where we could create csv reports scheduled to email boxes at regular intervals.
I am looking similar thing in ELK stack. I discovered watcher but there we can not schedule searches output to csv reports in email section.
Can you guys pls help me out here.

Yes you can schedule an email action with watcher

Thanks Yassine,
But with email action , there is no option to send csv search report in attachment.

Oops sorry, i confused with the ability to use Reporting link from dashboard to send an attachement using watcher, the only format are PDF and PNG
There is an open issue for snding a csv attachment

Thanks Yassine,

Any tutorial which explain how to send pdf reports on regular interval based on searches , appreciate your response.

You're welcome
Check this link that will help you step by step

Thanks Yassine,

I see under discover section option to share in csv but generate csv is disabled , does that mean because we are not having x - pack ?

No, You need first to save your search query then the export CSv button will be enabled.
You will need to enable a trial license in order to use Watcher

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