Low Kibana performance after adding new indexes and dashboard

Recently we have experienced some performance issues with our ElasticCloud Kibana deployment. Page take upwards of 30 seconds to load, whereas they previously loaded in 5 seconds and less.

Previously we had a number of logstash-* indexes and a set of dashboards which queried them.

Recently, we added winlogbeat-* and filebeat-*, aggregated by an *beat* index pattern and a dashboard which queried this. After this, the performance began degrading accross all dashboards, not just the new one. A few details:

  • we have recently upgraded to 7.11.2 from 6.9
  • the ElasticSearch is AWS.DATA.HIGHIO.I3 and the Kibana instance is AWS.KIBANA.R4
  • the ElasticSearch deployment is "healthy" and has normal memory pressure and disk allocation
  • under the performance metrics, the CPU load is close to 100% all the time
  • the winlogbeat-* and filebeat-* indexes are segmented by day
  • all the *beat* indexes have yellow health. I've not been able to find the root cause
  • the filebeat-* indexes ingest mainly docker logs, where each entry has a huge number of fields

Could I have some guidance with how to troubleshoot this?

Are you concerned with the initial HTML page load time or time to render all the dashboards?
Do you experience the same problem when reloading a page?
In any case, since you are an ElasticCloud customer, I'd recommend you to contact our support to address the problem.

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