Lucene query is giving error in canvas metric

when i tried to filter the documents from elastic search in canvas metric element giving an unexpected error. can some one please help here

"bool": {
		"filter": {
"term": {
"field1": "130402"

Hi there Anji!

Could you post your full canvas expression? You can get to it by clicking here:

Hi Joshdover,

I have selected as metric and i have added query and the expression editor lokks like below.
It is showing error symbol in canvas dashboard for the element.

| esdocs index="dispc_sip1" fields=""
query="{ "bool": { "filter": { "term": { "column19": "130402" }} } }"
| math "unique(region)"
| metric "With out retry" metricFormat="0,0.[000]"
| render

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