Canvas/metricbeat issues

Hello guys,

I have ELK stack 7.6 running in a kubernetes cluster.
I have also deployed metricbeat (among several modules, I am using "azure" module, to retrieve some pertinent data regarding cpu usage and other metrics related to azure VMs).
Everything's working fine, I am getting the desired fields ...
However, as I am trying to build a canvas dashboard in kibana, I am encountring some weird behavior.
I added a "progress semicircle" visualization and here's a snippet of the code :

filters group="Machines" group="subscription " ungrouped=true

| essql

query="SELECT AVG(\"azure.compute_vm.percentage_cpu.avg\") AS CPU

FROM \"metricbeat-*\"

WHERE HOUR(\"@timestamp\")=HOUR(CURRENT_DATE())"

| math "round(CPU/100,2)"

| progress shape="semicircle" label={formatnumber "0%"}

font={font size=24 family="'Open Sans', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif" color="#000000" align="center"}

| render

-> The issue here sometime it works fine, but most of the times it does'n work and I get this error : "[math] > Failed to execute math expression. Check your column names".

Furthermore, I am trying to use filters in my workpad, and here's one of the examples:

esdocs index="metricbeat-*" fields=""

| dropdownControl valueColumn="" filterColumn="" filterGroup="Machines"

| render

containerStyle={containerStyle border=" #000000" backgroundColor="#48A8E0" overflow="visible"} css=".canvasRenderEl {

font-weight: bold !important;

color: #48A8E0;


-> As usual, I am getting a weird behavior, as sometimes it works just fine and sometimes there'S nothing(here I mean I get the dropdown filter in the workpad but none of the "" appear).

And finally, when I first open the workpad I get a "timed out error after 3000ms" on one of the pages where I am using the above visualizations (after refreshing the page, the error doesn't appear again). I thought maybe it was a matter of Kibana performance but kibana pod is not even close from using all of the allocated memory and CPU)

I was wondering if you could help me please solve these issues.

Thanks in advance.

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