Machine kearning section in kibana

what does the section machine learning mean in kibana, i can index my data usinig fscrawler and tesseract but i now i need machine learning or deep learning to reconize images and compare them; can the machine learning section in kibana help me

Elastic Machine Learning is not used for image recognition. It is used to automatically model the normal behavior of your time series data — learning trends, periodicity, and more — in real time to identify anomalies, streamline root cause analysis, and reduce false positives.

See and for more information

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ok but what does xprak provide ? and for my case i indexed file pdf, images .. using fscrawler and tesseracr to extract text from image, can you give a use case of machine learning in that situation

i mean how machine leaning can apport for my case (i am indexing document files pdf; image;word) ?

Elastic Machine Learning's capabilities cannot currently help with your use case. It is currently limited to time-series anomaly detection and forecasting.

so how i can respond to my neeed

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