Machine learning for ELK


Can share the ELK machine learning document or link how we can create job using metric beat data in kibana console ,


Hmm, I'm not exactly sure what you're asking for. Are you wondering where the documentation for machine learning is?

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I mean to refer in kibana console I can see machine learning option to create job for single metric or multi metric and more option,
like wise I was capturing the metric data from windows server over "metric beat" and can able to see in discover tab,
for this using ML how we can create job for metric data with live monitoring ?

is there any document or other can help me to better understanding on this more,


  • Click on ML
  • Create new job
  • Select metricbeat-* index pattern
  • Select Multi-metric job
  • Pick the metrics that you care to analyze from the list:

Choose a bucket_span that you care about: usually between 1m and 15m is probably good

  • Choose as field to split analysis on

  • Name the job

  • Choose "Use full metricbeat-* data" button at top right

  • Click Create Job button

  • Select "Continue in Real time checkbox"


  • Click Apply
  • Profit

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