Machine learning Forecasting error

Hi I am Rohini,

I am using Elastic search and kibana for the past three months. It's really amazing and cool.

I am implementing forecasting part in Kibana.

I have time series data which it has (Date and values) in it and my aim is to do forecasting in the time series through kibana.

So, in kibana => MachineLearning => single metric job, I inserted my time series data and I am not able to forecast for the next weeks.

I am getting only a single yellow line in kibana, that's so frustrated me, I want to see the series (Curves) in it.

I tried with nearly

25-time series dataset, still getting the same error.

So, Am I doing something wrong? or should I need to do payment or subscriptions?

You haven't provided enough historical data in order for the ML models to learn the "curves" (the periodic behavior) of the data. I would recommend at least 3-4 weeks. For example:

thanks a lot.


I will try.

thanks a lot

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