Machine Learning Jobs

Hello, I wanted to test machine learning today, but I can't create jobs, I mean when I click on the button "Create Job" it's not creating job, it is like nothing is happening, are some other things are required that the video from your site isn't showing us ?


Hi Adrien,

can you check the elasticsearch log file and post relevant lines? I sounds like there is something wrong with your setup, the log should contain all information to further debug it.

Of course, but do you know where is this file ? I'm using Centos 6.9 and all the logs I can see is when I run elasticsearch

Hi Adrien,

please have a look in /var/log/elasticsearch, in this directory you should find all log files.

I didn't installed elasticsearch as a service, I just downloaded it and put it in a file, I launched just via a nohup, so I don't have /var/log/elasticsearch. I have a log folder in elasticsearch though.

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