Machine Learning: Could not create job


(Nour Ben Amor) #1

hello every one,

In fact i use the X pack 6.2.2 and i can't create any type of job(simple,adv,multi...)
Can someone help me?



(rich collier) #2

Hi Nour - can you look into elasticsearch.log file during the time that this error occurs? There's likely more detail there...

Post the relevant section of that log here...

(Nour Ben Amor) #3

Hi @richcollier,
thanks for your answer,
Well , i check the log file

(rich collier) #4

Communications between the elasticsearch JVM and the autodetect process (which ML runs) is done via named pipes, these pipes are created in /tmp. In the log there is a message that you posted, it mentions that a file in ES_HOME/tmp cannot be read.

This /tmp directory must be readable, if it is mounted with no_exec then autodetect cannot start.

/tmp is the default temporary directory the JVM uses but you can change this with the JVM option:

You could try adding that setting to ES_HOME/config/jvm.options without a suitable choice of tmpdir. This will required a restart of elasticsearch

(Nour Ben Amor) #5


Finaly, it's work .
thank your @richcollier for the solution.
You helped me a lot .


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