Machine learning (what are free features)


Hi guys i wanted to ask if i install free versions of Elasticsearch and Kibana, will the machine learning functions be available on my Kibana dashboard under job creating.


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If you have a look at the subscriptions page, you can see which features that are available at which license level. Machine learning is not available with the free Basic license. A trial license is available, which will give you full access to all features for a limited period of time.


Ok thanks i yeah i was confused a bit because there what some article saying that x-pack is now free in new versions

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The "Have additional questions?" section on the linked page should remove any confusion

If the code of X-Pack is open, does that mean it's all free?

No. Many features in X-Pack are free, such as monitoring, tile maps, Grok Debugger, and Search Profiler. Some features in X-Pack are paid, and require a license that comes with a Gold or Platinum subscription.


Thanks for the replies i have contacted them for a quote, I wanted to ask as I understand there is as well some cloud subscription model of Elasticsearch, so in such model would these paid x-pack resources come in monthly subscription?

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Yes, the commercial features are available on Elastic Cloud Elasticsearch Service. You can see the details on the Elastic Cloud Subscriptions page.

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