Machine Lerning Tab giving error

Hello, After i seperated my ml nodes, i realised my machine learning tab at kibana not working as expected.

Probably it is about some other reason but couldn't find out how to fix this.
I don't know whether something is deleted.

I disabled ml on each ml node restarted, and rechanged them to true and restarted again to see if any change. " true"

When i enter ML tab i see;

An error occurred getting the anomaly detection jobs list.
Incorrect HTTP method for uri [/_ml/calendars/] and method [GET], allowed: [POST]

An error occurred getting the data frame analytics list.
no handler found for uri [/_ml/data_frame/analytics/_all?size=1000] and method [GET]

Checked from dev_tools:
POST _ml/datafeeds/_all/_stop
"error" : "no handler found for uri [/_ml/datafeeds/_all/_stop?pretty=true] and method [POST]"

Another thing i got stuck is , my and true on "ML" nodes but when i check from "GET _xpack".

   "ml" : {
  "available" : true,
  "enabled" : false,
  "native_code_info" : {
    "version" : "N/A",
    "build_hash" : "N/A"

In addition to setting true

You also need to make sure the node has the ml role assigned to it:
node.roles: [ ml ]

See: Machine learning settings in Elasticsearch | Elasticsearch Reference [7.11] | Elastic

Have you done this?

I am pretty sure you have false on the node that Kibana is connected to.

You need true on all ML nodes, all master eligible nodes and all nodes that a client (e.g. Kibana) might call an ML API on. By far the easiest way to ensure this is just to have true on every node in the cluster when you are using ML in any way.

Hello Rich,
Of course node.role is set. false
node.master: false
node.ingest: false true true

Hello Droberts,
It is possible my kibana.yml hosts lists include all elastic hosts 12 machines but only 3 is ml and true is only on ml nodes. I will make the changes on others and check again.

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