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I have some doubts about how to configure a main dashboard for Kibana . I configured Kibana in order to visualize a dashboard by default ( kibana.yml )

# Default Dashboard
kibana.defaultAppId: dashboard/Main-dashboard

However, when one clicks on Dashboard icon (1) or Kibana icon (2), it redirects to another section.

An example with Kibana icon (1):

An example with Dashboard icon (2):

Is it possible to configure Kibana in order to redirects always to a dashboard (Main-dashboard in this case) by default?

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I believe what you're looking for is something we call "Dashboard Only Mode" and you can read more about it here:

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Hi, @tylersmalley

Even with "Dashboard Only Mode", if you click on Dashboard icon, it redirects to the window in which has all your dashboards.

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:pushpin: Update

By modifying src/core_plugins/kibana/index.js:

id: 'kibana:dashboard',
title: 'Dashboard',
order: -1001,
url: `${kbnBaseUrl}#/dashboard/Main-dashboard`,
// The subUrlBase is the common substring of all urls for this app. If not given, it defaults to the url
// above. This app has to use a different subUrlBase, in addition to the url above, because "#/dashboard"
// routes to a page that creates a new dashboard. When we introduced a landing page, we needed to change
// the url above in order to preserve the original url for BWC. The subUrlBase helps the Chrome api nav
// to determine what url to use for the app link.
subUrlBase: `${kbnBaseUrl}#/dashboard/Main-dashboard`,
description: 'compose visualizations for much win',
icon: 'plugins/kibana/assets/dashboard.svg'


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