Maintenance of Docker Images

How often do you update your Docker images (Elasticsearch, Logstash, ...) ?

I see that there are new images for new versions of your software but what about bug fixes in the OpenJDK or Alpine?

We use this alpine base image -

I'll see if I can get answers on the rest :slight_smile:

Currently, we only rebuild earlier releases in an "on-demand" fashion. So if we became aware of a serious vulnerability in the JDK, or something of that ilk, we could easily re-spin the images, but it would require manual intervention.

Given our comprehensive CI setup, it would certainly be feasible to create a system of scheduled builds to refresh the images. It's a balancing act, since one of our goals, and a goal of Docker in general, is to present completely predictable, immutable software images. There's a tension between predictability and currency here. In fact, the main purpose of elasticsearch-alpine-base is to allow us to re-spin Elasticsearch images without accidently mutating the underlying operating system.

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"predictable, immutable software images" is definitely the way to go. You shouldn't release updated images with the same name. But you could add an indicator for the "patch level".

But I understand that this is currently not done and the images you release might contain OS or JDK bugs which are fixed upstream.

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