Maintenance of the node/cluster in Elasticsearch

Hello everyone, this time isn't much of a problem, is more like a topic for advice so I hope theres no problem posting it here.

Up until now I've been using all the settings of Elasticsearch in default by recommendation from the members of the community. So far I've setted up quite a lot of things (Heartbeat, APM, Logstash and a few integrations with Elastic-Agent). The point is, the cluster is now pretty handsome and the need for maintenance is now turning into a real thing.

By looking arround I've found some interesting topics arround Cross-cluster-replication (CCR), Index-lifecycle-management (ILM) and also the option to add new nodes. For now I'm still understanding the replicas so I avoid skipping any step into it. Since I've always been relying in the visual support of Kibana that could work with a few clicks, that part of Elasticsearch is a unexplored land for me. And that's why I would gladly acept any piece of tip, warning or advice.

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You want advice around CCR and ILM?

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From what I've looked into, the CCR and ILM could help alot in the maintenance of the cluster so I pointed it out. But if there is anything else I should look into that would be awsome to know as well.

ILM is important to maintaining your indices, yes.

CCR probably won't help much on that front.

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