Make use of http.request.headers.Origin in kibana visualization

I need to add http.request.headers.Origin in visualization lens for chart preparation. Those fields are not available for filtering. Any leads on this is much appreciated !!!


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There's not a lot of information here to effectively help unfortunately.
What version of the stack are you on?
Where is the data you are trying to visualise coming from?

Hi warkolm,

I'm with following versions,
elasticsearch : "7.10.1"
kibana : "7.10.1"

I'm getting data from apm-server along with nodejs apm-agent.

@Venkatesh_Kumar headers are not indexed by default. You can use the approach in Searching for a custom made header to index them, so that they can be used for search and aggregation.

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@axw Thanks for the prompt reply. I used custom labels from the headers, and able to index those labels using 'overwrite' feature enabled in apm-server.yml.

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