Making charts for data like machine learning

I would like to know how can I achieve very likely graph as You have in machine learning module. I have already uploaded data from side car cluster (tensorflow, spark etc) but I need to plot a graph with envelopes and similar indicators.

Hi @INS , I'm not sure what graph you would like to replicate. Feel free to post a screenshot.

Lens is the preferred editor for building visualizations in Kibana.

Where its capabilities fall short, we offer Custom Visualizations which use Vega.

Hi @INS , further to what @Andrew_Tate posted, depending on which chart you are trying to replicate from ML, the timeline chart from the Anomaly Explorer is available as the Heat map visualization in Lens. The anomaly charts are not provided as specific Lens visualizations, but you should be able to build something similar by using the appropriate combination of visualization types and layers.

For example, I built this to give a similar chart to that used in the ML Single Metric Viewer by using four different layers including one to add annotations.

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