Making Kibana read-only (version 5.3 running on AWS)

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Hello All,

I'm a fairly new user of Elastic and Kibana, so forgive me if this question has already been answered. I'm running Elastic and Kibana (version 5.3, because it appears that's the latest available on AWS) on an AWS cluster.

I've built visualizations and I want to share my dashboards with co-workers, however, I do not want them to be able to edit the underlying data or have any access to the Elastic index. Furthermore, I would like to allow them the option of changing the time-frame. In summary, my problem is the following:

When I share a read-only dashboard, it is static, and users cannot change the time window. If I give them a non read-only version, they will have access to the index and the ability to change visualizations, and I don't want that either. Has anyone come across this issue? What is the best way to solve it?

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There's nothing that AWS provide as far as I know.

You'd need to use (but not on their service) or build your own proxy.

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