Manage ldap users from Kibana

Hello there!

Is there a way to manage ldap users from within Kibana? In our production environment we have some (many) restriction of how users are deployd on the systems. So using an ldap for user authentication where the users are deployd from another user management systems looks like a good Idea. The authentication works as expected, however we would like to have a handy way to see which users are deployd on the ldap (without using ldapsearch) and to assign or at least check which roles they have.

Referring to Creating a user in kibana after a user is authorized by ldap this wasn't possible 2017. What is the situation today?

Thanks in advance!

By the Way: We're running Elastic and Kibana von Version 7.9.3

That is still not possible based on the model that ES and Kibana use for authorizing LDAP users.

Ok, thank you very much, we're trying some workarounds, perhaps with the audit logs.

Still sad, some configuration options e.g. using display names or other ldap data would be nice.

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