Manage Thread Pool in Elasticsearch

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Is there any way to increase the queue size for write and search using JAVA API's / High Level Rest Client?

No, these settings require a node restart to change. But changing them is almost certainly a mistake.


Can you elaborate more on what problem you are trying to solve here?

So, i am trying to increase a write/search thread pool queue size in runtime, in case there are a lot of requests and the queue is filled up.

@DavidTurner is there any way to increase the queue size without restart? If not, while restarting is the queue still available for consuming / pushing data?



You want the queue to fill up and reject requests if Elasticsearch is overloaded because this lets you react quicker to the overload. If you make the queue bigger then tasks will just sit in the queue for longer and your response times will suffer. If the overload is a short spike then client retries will deal with it; if the overload is sustained then the queue will still fill up no matter how big it is.

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