Manual install 2.3.2 and init.d script

I am trying to do a manual install of ElasticSearch-2.3.2 on CentOS 6. We used to use the open source service wrapper ( to handle the startup of the service but it appears that ES 2.x is no longer supported. We'd prefer to use the manual install as opposed to the RPM to drop ElasticSearch in /opt only. Is there a working init.d script that can be used to manage ElasticSearch-2.3.2 as a service?

The one in the RPM works. I suspect hacking it to work with /opt/elasticsearch isn't going to be too much trouble. I should mention that we've put a lot of hours into testing the scripts that you install both manually or via the RPM, but very little time into testing things like running as a service with the manual install. Personally I can't imagine it being worth the effort just to get it running out of /opt.

Actually I gave it a try hacking it that way yesterday, but it didn't quite work. I'll give it another go. There is a strong preference for us (company) to keep certain package installs in /opt so I'd like to be sure it really wouldn't work otherwise before going with a standard RPM install.

I'd just make sure that that preference is strong enough that it is worth sinking a couple of hours on each upgrade into getting it working as well as any sudden stuff that might happen given that you are running in a configuration that isn't well tested. You are essentially throwing away months worth of writing automated tests because you have strong opinions about unix directory layout. If those strong opinions are there for important reasons then more power to you!

I completely understand. Can't say I disagree as well.