Map works in k 3 but not on k4

We had the data on ES and visualization on Kibana 3 where the map was
working. The same data is loaded on ES 2.1 and when we are trying to
visualize it on kibana 4 the tile map is not working. Its plotting the
coordinates in Kibana 3.

here is the sample json (truncated - that the whole json is confidential)

{"user_lang": "en", "tweet": "random text", "user_location": "England, United Kingdom",
"coordinates": [-0.540240236617, 52.7954791], "class": "tweet_details",
"retweet_count": 3, "user_name": "Energy Rezh* 12k",
"user_time_zone": "Pacific Time (US & Canada)"}

the field "coordinates": [-0.540240236617, 52.7954791] should be plotted on map

i also tried changing the coordinates field to this format

"coordinates": {

"lat": "-27.0",

"lon": "133.0"


but it didn't help
is there something wrong with the json ?? every other visualization is working except for tile map

The tile map visualization in Kibana 4 uses the geo hash grid aggregation. This aggregation doesn't plot exact coordinates but instead groups points into buckets based on a precision.

Is this why things don't look the way you expect?

it was not plotting at all. i was not getting any points. the issue was with mapping