Mapper size plugin on Elastic Cloud


I've enabled the mapper size plugin on my Elastic Cloud cluster and would like to know how can I add that new field mapping to my existing indices? I know that I have to modify my index templates to add the mapping but the changes are only reflected on the new index (I test it on one index). Is it possible to do this without waiting for the next rollover to happen?

Also, the documentation shows the enablement, but only on new index upon creation.

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I was also wondering how can I add the new mapping in bulk to fleet managed data streams index templates? I was thinking that I could create a component template with the _size meta field enabled and then add this to all of my index templates, but I don't see how can I achieve this without manually going through all of my 100 indices...

You can add it to the existing indices yes, just update the mappings. Existing documents will have a null value for it, but new documents will have it populated.

You would be better off making a separate topic for your other question :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your reply. I will follow your advice and open post my second question in another topic.

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