Mapping conflict for system.process.cpu.system+user when using metricbeat-6.3.0 and 6.6.0

I got a mapping conflict in Kibana index patterns due to different templates definitions for same field provided during beat installation.

How can I fix that?

How will you handle this with ECS?

@kaem2111 Sorry for the late response. The easiest way is to delete the existing two templates and create a fresh new one. I see in Metricbeat 6.3.2 upgrade breaks?, there is also a way to actually preserve data if that will be more helpful.

@Kaiyan_Sheng Unfortunaly the hint doesn't help, because I have still installed Metricbeat agent for both release in parallel (see above: both indices are from same day).

If I remember correclty, you wanted to be compatible within all minor releases and even the next major release.

Does this mean, I have to upgrade all 'old' beat agents to get rid of this conflict?

Will this issue be obsolete, when using ECS?

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