Mapping for Bytes/percentage format

Is there a way to define automatically the format for some fields via a custom mapping?
I'm talking about the BYTES or Percentage format.


this conversion either needs to be done at index time (i.e. via script processor that calculates this and puts it into a non-indexed field) or on the client side.


I think you didn't fully understand what I meant.
In kibana, you can edit the format of a number and set the special format into Bytes.
I'd like to be able to set this automatically whenever a new index is created each day instead of having to manually edit the specific field in Kibana.
Perhaps I should post this in the kibana board?

I have the same question. Just as we can update the format from Kibana. How to specify the same through PUT mapping API?
Every property has format field, I tried specifying 'bytes' but it throws an exception. Thanks.

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