Set KIbana field format using APIs for .kibana index

I have numeric fields which need to be displayed asPercentage or Memory format. I upload visualizations using a curl request to the visualization API. But then I need to set up the field formats manually from kibana.

Can we not set this filed format in the .kibana index somewhere? It must be storing the ones done from UI into the index.

The field formating information is stored in the .kibana index, in the fieldFormatMap field:

 "fieldFormatMap": """{"machine.ram":{"id":"percent"}}"""

Though you would need to know the correct format to update this manually, and it can change at any time. At the moment we don't have an officially supported API to update the field format mappings.

Thanks @Stacey_Gammon for the reply.

So, is it(API part) being taken care of in further releases or may we have a tracking bug for it? I reckon it is required because changing all the field formats from the Kibana UI is tideous when such fields are more in number.


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