Mark all as Solved

(Pieter Agenbag) #1

I was wondering , since most topics on the forums are people asking questions/help , if it is not possible to add a way to mark a topic as Solved/Closed - sortof like StackOverflow has ?

Its incredibly helpful for someone looking for answers to know at a glance if the problem is solved.
Also , I try to answer questions where I can - but it means I end up having to go through many posts that have already been answered.

(Mark Walkom) #2

It's something we are discussing to make things easier for our Found users, but yes, this makes sense across the board as well :slight_smile:

(Glen Smith) #3

I'd like to resuscitate this topic as conversation has been taking place about this internally.

People who are earnestly trying to provide assistance, particularly focussed on a specific category, are inconvenienced a bit by not being able to easily scan the most recently updated issues to tell those which haven't had a satisfactory solution offered.

What would be a good way to simplify that process?

I propose closing them, and having a basic "when does a topic get closed?" be part of FAQ.


(Erik Redding) #4

Cloud topics should be closed when resolved; they're essentially a helpdesk ticket and if there's a repeat of the problem - it's better that we have a second topic so we can better quantify issues.

(system) #5