Question topic and status?


do you plan to let topics be labeled as "question" with a possibility to flag them as answered and search between answered and unanswered ones easily.
It was really repelling when visiting logstash-user google groups only occasionally.


I like this idea - especially considering that we're already seeing the majority of topics being posted are questions. Organizing via tags would help ease managing such a large subset of questions within disparate categories.

It would just be a matter of enabling the ability to tag topics. One concern would be that managing mis-labeled topics would become a burden, but I think crowdsourcing it - which is how Discourse works with user tagging anyway - and leaving the user level requirement in place would alleviate that problem.

@Leslie_Hawthorn, thoughts? /cc @kimchy

My recommendation here is to hold tight 3-4 weeks, this is planned:

In fact I started working on it, once its ready it will be available here.

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I like this solution - clean, visually appealing and will be familiar for folks using Discourse based forums elsewhere. ++ on sitting tight.