Marvel docs not updating in Kibana

Kibana sees all the indexes with mappings properly, test index and .marvel-es-1*. After adding some docs to test index it works good, Kibana shows all docs after search, but marvel index remains empty. After executing some curl marvel index search to elasticsearch I can see that there are many docs there. I created index marvel-es-1 in Kibana and it works well, now it shows all the docs, but after changing from Kibana to Marvel it tells that Marvel can't find any data. Is there any way to change index pattern for Marvel?

It starts working. But it looks like 'old data' with actual timestamp (?) Because after indexing some data I can't see any change on marvel (indexing rate, test index docs count etc).

It looks sometimes its working properly, in real time, but sometimes not. Still indexing, in Kibana I can see that docs count increasing but in marvel there are no differences.


What do you mean that Kibana doesn't see Marvel?

From the description, it kind of sounds like Marvel is not properly configured on all nodes in your cluster. Assuming we're talking about ES 2.x, then be sure that every node has the marvel-agent plugin installed.

Hope that helps,