Master node on Hot node in hot -warm architecture?

I understand that as it is described in blog , master node should be deployed as dedicated master nodes. I want to use the warm node to have flexible storage volume with low cost.

However, since I am preparing only 5 nodes, I would like to know if it is possible to build master on hot nodes.

My requirement is ,

Store logs for 1 year
100 GB events / day
2500 events / sec

My architecture ,
node1 hot (SAS (RAID0+1) or SSD(RAID0+1)) + master?
node2 hot (SAS (RAID0+1) or SSD(RAID0+1)) + master?
node3 hot (SAS (RAID0+1) or SSD(RAID0+1)) + master?
node4 warm ( possibility of attaching to external storage)
node5 warm ( possibility of attaching to external storage)

  • I chose external storage since it would be more flexible to increase the disk size

All incoming logs to elasticsearch will come from logstash.

Do you want to run two instances on the same host?


Thanks for the reply. Short answer to your question is No.

So, are hot and warm nodes dedicated data nodes and need to set node.master to false?

If you make the hot nodes master, and you get a big batch of messages and the current hot node that is also master hits high GC, what do you think will happen to the cluster?

Master nodes will have delay in its processing ( creating index, deleting index, track nodes) . Which will have instability with the cluster?

Yeah :slight_smile:

Ideally you should have dedicated master nodes, but if not you just need to be aware of the risks you need to balance.

Thanks for the lesson! I like it.

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