Max number of App Search engines


I am self-managing with the Basic license and, before installing Enterprise Search, I would like to make sure it suits my needs.

I need parallel crawls, but App Search's Web Crawler only supports one per engine[1]. Creating a new engine for each app would solve the problem, so I would like to know if there is a limitation on the number of engines.

Before asking, I checked:

[1] Configuration | Enterprise Search documentation [8.7] | Elastic

Hi @stes !

There is no limit in the number of Engines that can be created.

In case you're planning to create a Meta Engine to combine all the Engines for doing searches over all of them, keep in mind that there is a (configurable) limit of 15 Engines per Meta Engine.

Just checking to see what version you're running, I'm curious if you're utilizing Elastic web crawler | Enterprise Search documentation [8.7] | Elastic vs the App Search web crawler?

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