MaxListenersExceededWarning in Kibana


While working with Kibana(modifying visualizations, logstash pipelines,...) I got a lot of timeouts today so I looked into the error log of Kibana to see if I could find an error message. This is what I found:
MaxListenersExceededWarning: Possible EventEmitter memory leak detected. 11 message listeners added. Use emitter.setMaxListeners() to increase limit
at _addListener (events.js:280:19)
at ChildProcess.addListener (events.js:297:10)
at resolve (/logserver/applications/kibana-6.5.4-linux-x86_64/node_modules/x-pack/plugins/canvas/server/lib/route_expression/thread/index.js:57:12)
at new Promise ()
at exports.thread (/logserver/applications/kibana-6.5.4-linux-x86_64/node_modules/x-pack/plugins/canvas/server/lib/route_expression/thread/index.js:54:30)
at (/logserver/applications/kibana-6.5.4-linux-x86_64/node_modules/x-pack/plugins/canvas/server/routes/socket.js:51:7)
at process._tickDomainCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:229:7)

I use Kibana 6.5.4. After restarting Kibana the error is gone.

Can anyone tell me what this means? Do I have to set a config setting to increase the listeners?

EventEmitter is a class that gets extended to allow subscribing to events. Sounds like subscriptions are not getting cleaned up when something is destroyed. Any chance you can create a reliable way to recreate the issue? Could you please file a bug at


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