Meaning of CPU Utilization in Monitoring module

Hi Guys,

Quick question, I know that MetricBeats' CPU stats are similar to those from Linux Top where the cpu usage percentage is per single core but was wondering if it is the same case for the CPU Utilization stat that we get in the Monitoring module from X-Pack - is it per core as well?


Actually, my assumption is not correct it seems.

I ended up enabling metricbeat on the ES host where the ES node is running to get the equivalent CPU stats to compare and looks like CPU Utilization in the Monitoring module is a percentage of the whole CPU utilisation (please doc this if it doesn't exist yet cos tried to find it but unable to find) instead of that of metricbeat's which is per core.

Here's the Monitoring CPU utilisation:

And here's the visualisation for the equivalent stat from metricbeat:

Yes, the CPU utilization in the Node charts are for the usage of the whole system.

In general, all the metrics that are captured for Elasticsearch use the stats APIs, so you can find the documentation for these metrics by looking up the cluster stats, indices stats, and node stats. The info you are looking for is documented here:

I should have looked harder - many thanks for this.

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