Metod of Metric Aggregation for Scripted field in Data table visualisation

Dear colleagues.

Currently we have the aggregation method only level per Field. (average or min max or etc. ).
In my case it is not correct method because of result of such kind of aggregation (average or min .. max.. etc ) is the mathematical avg values per fields but not per total values .
But in my case each Field is painless formula.
I need other method : for correct calculation I need to summarize per index all the components of the formula in scripted fields i have and than calculate scripted field formula using summ/tatl of each field..

Could you help me with this solution .
In case it is possible please share how to do it ?

Thank you in advance.

If do you have some questions , please feel free to ask me

I don't understand well what you are trying to achieve ... could you show your painless scripts and your aggregation config ?

for example

ULIpThruAvg (Mbps) painless def ULIpThruAvg = 0; if (doc['ULIpThruTime (TTI)'].value == 0) {return 0} else {ULIpThruAvg = (8*doc['ULIpThruVol (kbytes)'].value/doc['ULIpThruTime (TTI)'].value); return ULIpThruAvg; }

Aggregation is simple = Average.

But it`s logic for not what i realy need. I need :
ULIpThruAvg = (8*SUMM(doc['ULIpThruVol (kbytes)'].value) /SUMM ( doc['ULIpThruTime (TTI)'].value)); return ULIpThruAvg;

How to do it ?

SUMM () means for full index (all documents in index) or for selected Time Range (yesterday and etc... )

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