Metric background change based on last week value

Hi everyone,

i would add a metric visualization to my dashboard with background colors based on a another metric (for example to compare same hour last week)

some example to explain:

if metric last hour is >= metric last hour of last week than background green
if metric last hour is -25% than metric last hour of last week = background yellow

how could i do this?

Hi @gnorillo, Welcome to the community.

What version are you on?

If you are on a recent version, you can Use Lens to do this.

Custom Formula with Shift
something like

average( - average(, shift='7d')

Then Line and Colorize

hi @stephenb

thanks a lot for your reply.

i have v 7.9.2 version, but i don't see all the stuff in your screenshot.

it could be for basic license?

Hi @guerilla

Version 7.9 is incredibly old and the new Lens feature is not available.

I'm not sure if there's a readily available method to do that in 7.9.

You can look at TSVB but I am not sure if it supports the "shift" comparison feature.

The latest version is 8.10 ... Putting you more than 3 years! behind and nearly 20 significant releases behind.

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