Metric / Visual Builder: how to configure the builder to aggregate the target data set

I am trying to create visualization using the Visual Builder introduced in Kibana 5.4. After I specify the target index, I have problems setting up the filter to get my target data. Does the panel filter under Panel Options follow the same query language/rule when query the data through discovery?

Is there a how-to guide about visual builder available? I really want to use this feature but I am stuck with the very basic stuff. Appreciate all helps. Thanks.

The best source of info is the documentation:

When you go a few sections deep into the documentation, you can see that filters are configured in the "Group By" controls:

You can filter all your data by a single filter (choose "Filter" under "Group By") or multiple (choose "Filters"). You use the same Lucene expression syntax for these filters as you can anywhere else in Kibana. Here's a simple example of multiple filters on some Metricbeat data:

The filter control under "Panel Options" is for configuring the entire panel, which could be multiple visualization, instead of just a data series. See

Here's an example of using a filter from Panel Options on the Metricbeat data:

Another good source of information for getting started with the Time Series Visual Builder is the blog article: . There's a demo video there from the creator of the feature.

Thanks. I am reading the documentation. I might come back if there are any further questions.

Hello Tim,

Thanks for the documentation. I tried, and it didn't work for me. :frowning:

I just updated to Kibana 5.5 yesterday. What I tried to display is the value from a field called udppm_cpu under the following conditions:

Panel options:

  1. Index name: systest_db-
  2. Time field: @ timestamp (to display the latest value based on when the data is ingested into Elasticsearch.)
  3. Panel filter: apl_name:"mercury" (the udppm_cpu usage of the appliance called Mercury.)

Under Data:
4. Labeled the field as udppm cpu (the label didn't even come up in the display)
5. Metrics/Aggregation: Max (I tried every one of the aggregation, none of them worked)
6. Metrics/Field: udppm_cpu
7. Metrics/Group by Terms; by udppm_cpu; Top: 1; order by max of udppm_cpu.

I can see the visualizations available in the visual builder can really help us create a kick ass dashboard. I just couldn't get it work. I appreciate if you can help me figure out what I did wrong here. Thanks a lot.


I recommend going one step at a time.

  • Do you see anything if you don't enter a panel filter? If not, then something could be wrong with your index name or time field.
  • Do you see anything if you start with a Time Series chart? Looking there first may help to make sure the data you expect to see is coming up correctly in the query.
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