Several groupings using visual Builder


I have started to use visual builder making my visualizations.
I am trying to create several grouping.
My first grouping is a filter but then I would like to have one resulting serie per another field.
My first Grouping is a filter with a query string.
After this I would like another grouping using terms and a field name.

Is it possible?

Kind Regards

Can you provide more details about your usecase? What is a "grouping"?


This is what my visual builder looks like today:

Now I would also like to aggregate throughput per user.
I do not find a way to do this.
Lets say I have 5 different users then I would like to see 5 lines in the graph (one for each user).

Using the standard line graph I can accomplish this but here I can not do calculations.
I use split series Sub Aggregation.

Have I missed something?
Is it possible to do in Visual Builder.


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