Kibana visualization with custom parameter

I am using the Visual Builder to build a series of time series. At the moment, I am creating some visualization which I need to apply to 8 different parameters. I haven’t been able to find a way to do it. I can’t split chart here, can I? So what I did is creating 8 viz with only a value being different and then put them onto one dashbaord.

Is there a way to build one visualization which accepts a custom input and display different series?

Hey @smlbiobot there isn't a generic way to build "templated" Dashboards, would you mind describing the Visualizations and the parameters that you'd like to have changed per Visualization?

We used to be tracking "templated dashboards" per this issue but we've recently split it out into separate issues that have more targeted solutions.

Mainly, I would like a way to split the time series into 8 different charts, similar to how, in normal visualizations E.g. horizontal bar charts, I am able to use split chart combined with filters to turn the same type of visualizations into 8 different charts and stacked them side by side with the other parameters being the same.

I find Myself typing the same query multiple times if I wish to achieve that using the visual builder.

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