Metricbeat ActiveMQ Broker Kibana dashboard showing blank

Metric version: 7.7.1
Kibana : 7.6.2

how to make sure kibana dashboard is pointing to the right index?

You can check each visualization to see what index pattern it's using: go to Kibana -> Visualize -> Broker Messages(for example) -> Panel options, you will see Index pattern under Data section.

You can also verify if there are metrics in ES from ActiveMQ broker by going to Kibana Discover and check with a filter using event.dataset is

i can see all those. but when i go to preloaded dashboard [Metricbeat ActiveMQ] i don't see any data. how do i troubleshoot that. It seems this dashboard is not pointing to the right index pattern.

Thanks for checking! Could you open one visualization from ActiveMQ broker and check the index pattern there please?


Thanks, It was blank, defaulted to something else. I populated it with metricbeat-* and time field as shown in diagram. But it didn't fix the default dashboard though.

i changed the metricbeat-* indexpattern to default in management. This fixed the dashboard for metricbeat activemq broker.
But this shouldn't be the norm. how do i make sure that dashboard is pointed to correct index pattern.

Hi @Don-cloud, I believe this is a bug fixed by It shows it's backported to 7.7.2 and 7.8.0. Could you give a newer version of Metricbeat a try? Thanks!

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